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Robin Orga, EA

A retired Senior Revenue Officer for the Internal Revenue Service, Robin Orga has 26 years of experience as an Offer in Compromise Specialist in the Small Business/Self Employed Division of the IRS. This experience has given him a clear and thorough understanding of the internal processes of the IRS. He is fluent in the procedural and negotiation processes for the following areas:

  • Collection Due Process
  • Collection Appeal Process
  • Offers in Compromise
  • Abatement of Tax and Reasonable Cause criteria
  • Trust Fund Recovery Penalties
  • Lien Filing and Withdrawal
  • Installment Agreements

Robin retired from the United States Navy Reserve as an Intelligence Specialist Chief Petty Officer. He was the Command Chief Petty Officer for ComNavAirLant 0186, a 45 plus personnel unit stationed in Norfolk, Virginia. A U.S. Navy Intelligence subject matter instructor, Rob was also a certified IRS instructor. Robin completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice and completed Operation Specialists and Intelligence Specialist “A” school while in the U.S. Navy.

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