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What do you need to prepare my business tax return?

January 16, 2013 By admin

  1. Completed New Client Information Form (Corporate client form | Nonprofit client form)

  2. If not prepared by Moss & Riggs, PLLC, your prior three years of tax returns

  3. If this is your first year with Moss & Riggs, LLC, please provide copies of your corporate documents, such as Articles of Organization, Operating or Partnership Agreement, Bylaws, and State Corporation Commission Certificate.

  4. Copies of your bank statements for December of the tax year being filed and the following January

  5. Vehicle questionnaire for business use of vehicles

  6. Quickbooks backup (full copy, NOT Accountant’s or Portable copy). If you e-mail us at, we will send you a link to automatically upload your Quickbooks file.

  7. Summary of income and expense if not using Quickbooks

  8. Copies of all 1099s for the business

  9. Copies of invoices and financing agreements for the purchase of any equipment

  10. Copies of closing statements (Form HUD-1) for the sale or purchase of real property.

  11. If we are NOT preparing your payroll, please provide copies of all payroll tax filing: Forms 941/944, VA-5/6, 940, VEC and proof of payment of taxes

  12. Any tax notices sent to you by the IRS or other taxing authority

  13. Bank verification of balances and total interest paid for the year on credit cards, lines of credit or other loans provided by lender

  14. Credit card statements for the year

  15. Copies of IRS acceptance of your S Corporation status, if applicable


Print a copy of this check list checklist (PDF)

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